While we love designing our own games we also love providing game design consultation to anyone who may need it.

Whether you're stuck on a wonky mechanic, frustrated by levelling or just want a fresh pair of eyes on your project, we're here to help. See the 'Get in Touch' section to get hold of us.


Our current plan is to publish our own games, however we're planning on expanding and taking submissions for anyone with a good game idea.

While we're not currently taking full submissions, we're happy chatting to designers who might want some help with any aspect of their design or publishing needs.


Because we're a start-up we'll be using a platform called Kickstarter to help us fund the manufacturing of our first games.

Kickstarter allows people to 'back' loads of different kinds of projects. From dance troupes and gadgets to books and clothing.

Live Kickstarter Campaigns coming soon!

Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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